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FREELANCE SERVICES:  Fashion Design, CAD Flat, Technical CAD'S, Presentation and Layout Design CAD'S.  Look Book Design, Print Design, Graphic Illustration, Logo Design, Poster, Labels, Tags, Postcards and Brochure     CONTACT FOR PRICING. 

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Welcome to the design room portfolio page for Tamara Kocoj.   As an Artist and Designer, Tamara believes that creativity is limited only by your imagination and she has a great imagination for art and design.

Fashion is always changing and yet it stays the same.  Creativity, Style and Design... these are the words that are used to define us in the world of fashion and the design industry.  A designer and an artist have two things in common, they must think outside the box in order to create something new and original; this is something that comes naturally to Tamara and it shows in her presentation of work and overall performance. 

​Fashion design is not just something she does for a living its who she is and what she really loves to do. 

  • Taking Chances2:24
  • Something Different1:46
  • Song 24:41